No star has ever been seen so clearly up close that has a square center in it.I think the human face is in the square center, it could be mine 🙂

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  • Project of captain running his ship (Concluded)

    5D sizing catalytic artificial intelligence algorithm for particle physics simulators.



    PRIAPUS PROJECT (started)

    With our artificial intelligence robots, we reduce the risk of harm to income groups of all levels by 90%.


    A unique time machine video: All I do is rotate a photo of a star core on the computer. Something extraordinary happens and the picture changes. Example of a prototype time machine.

    johnson's sdlc company

    BOGACHAN PROJECT (concluded)

    We design clothes that stop depression and osteoporosis for astronauts doing space missions.

    TITANIC PROJECT(very soon)

    We design virtual reality platforms that bring world stars and their fans together.

    MELLONA PROJECT(started)

    We are designing artificial intelligence robotpilot and road for the flying cars of the future.


    Oktay Cansın Emiral

    Oktay Cansın Emiral was born on 9.4.1982 in Istanbul. Her mother is Hülya Menzil, the daughter of a family of Armenian origin and one of the first child actresses of Yeşilçam film industry. His father is Bekir Emiral, a native of Vakfikkebir town of Trabzon province. Cansın became interested in martial arts at the age of 8 and continued this until the age of 40. Taekwondo black belt holder athlete, federation referee and trainer. He focused on social sciences in his education life and obtained his undergraduate degree from Eskişehir Anadolu University Faculty of Economics with high success. During his undergraduate education, he was particularly interested in psychology and memorized the corpus of Sigmund Freud. After her undergraduate success, Cansın continued her education life and completed her master’s degree in Political Science and Economics at Istanbul Rumeli University.

    Cansın completed her master’s thesis titled ‘Pragmatism, Progressivism and Its Reflections on Democrat Party Policies in the USA’ after all adverse conditions and political struggles. In his thesis, he meticulously revealed the relations of the American society with the state and the concept of ideology in the political history. He conceptualized Progressivism, commonly known as the philosophy of education in the intelligentsia, as a very clear political ideology, from the perspective of sociology of knowledge, and developed the political public doctrine of Jürgen Habermas and defined the social state of the 21st century.
    Cansın followed the development of Quantum science and CERN research without interruption. He established Johnson’s SDLC Company in 2022 and declared its projects to offer products to be used in the fields of education, health, justice and security for the benefit of humanity by using artificial intelligence and quantum computing services.

    “Sometimes words are like pieces of broken glass. If you hold them in your mouth in silence they hurt. If you speak them, they make you bleed.”

    – Oğuz Atay–

    Johnson’s SDLC Company, Yildirimlar Work Center, İSTANBUL-TURKEY